If you click on each of the mugshots below, you will find some information on each of the Roseland Group Officers, and what they do as part of their role in the office they hold.  Armed with this knowledge, you will hopefully feel a little more confident when attending your first group meeting that there will be someone in the room you recognise and can strike up a conversation with.


If you wish to discover the secrets of what is discussed at Officers' meetings, there are links to download minutes of each meeting at the bottom of this page.  For existing members, it may just help to demystify exactly what it is these people do for the benefit of your group, and maybe even inspire you to take on one of the roles yourself some day!


& Treasurer

Geoff Hodgson


& Education Co-ordinator

Bajka Pratt

Group Secretary

Marcus Pilling

Publicity Officer

Colin Rees

Social Secretary

Michelle Hammock


Tim Howes

CBKA Representative

Ian Tanner

Events Co-ordinator

& Webmaster

Matthew Buchan

AHAT Co-ordinator

Carol Morrison

Roseland Beekeeping - Final - white

Apiary Manager

& Mentor Co-ordinator

Simon Kellam

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